GODŁO JAKOŚCI – Quality of Service Award

We are extremely pleased to announce that our company has again been recognised for its efforts.
The jury of Najwyższa Jakość Quality International 2014 made a positive assessment of the submitted application and by a unanimous decision it awarded mdh the title of the winner in QI Product category – for highest-quality products: Scamper walking boot with pressure control by Qmed and Qmed SmartOrthic System.
The jury of the contest, held under the auspices of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and Polish Forum ISO 9000 Club, appreciated our products and recognised us for our activities associated with implementation and promotion of the concept of quality in all aspects of our business, specifically the high quality of our products that were the subject of the submission.
Najwyższa Jakość Quality International is organised for the eighth time under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, Polish Forum ISO 9000 Club and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. NAJWYŻSZA JAKOŚĆ QI 2014 has an established position. It is recognised for impartiality and professionalism.  Among the winners there are small, medium and large companies, budget and local government entities that are united around the same idea – care for the highest quality of offered products and services. This is another Quality International award to join our collection.

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