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Vitea Care brand - rehabilitation aids designed for people with mobility disorders. Thanks to reliable quality and modern technical solutions Vitea Care improves comfort of life and helps to restore joy of everyday activities. The brand includes wheelchairs, walking aids, anti-bedsore equipment, products for children.


Memo is a patented diagnostic system which monitors condition of children’s feet.
Memo System consists of shoes with diagnostic outsole and corrective insoles. The shoes provide optimal comfort of use, ensure proper foot growth and its features are appreciated by parents and doctors.

MEYRA is a member of MEDORT Group – a Polish leader in orthopaedics and rehabilitation. With nearly 80 years of traditions, Meyra is a legend on the global market of premium rehabilitation equipment. The excellent products and prestige are the company’s, and now ours, principal assets. After the incorporation of Meyra in MEDORT Group, the number of products offered by mdh has increased by all MEYRA products so far available on the Polish market. Thanks to a wide range of wheelchairs, rehabilitation and auxiliary equipment, we make every-day life easier and individual goals achievable – both in terms of home care, rehabilitation and sports competition.
We combine competencies and experience of various entities to identify new perspectives and introduce innovative solutions. We have uninterrupted contact with the disabled, physicians, clinics, therapists and carers, and thanks to close cooperation with highly specialised medical companies, we can continue to develop product functionalities. Thanks to product training dedicated to retailers and availability of diverse services, MEYRA is a powerful and committed brand with over 75 years of experience.

In this board we prove, that we are a brand, that support professional athletes and world of sports. We bring closer silhouettes of athletes, coaches,...
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Trivia, movies, interesting articles about healthy lifestyle, prevention and dealing with ailments. Information that can help the patient as well the doctor. ...
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Information about Qmed brand, that made us proud of it. Find out why You should cooperate with us. About Qmed Brand Awards Medical Opinions
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