Back brace treatment

Postural defects are becoming one of the diseases of affluence we should fight against. Unfortunately, in many cases it is too late for regular exercise to help. If the postural defect is not diagnosed at an early stage, specialists recommend wearing a back brace that will effectively reduce diagnosed defects.

The brace is made of metal, leather, aluminium and plastics. It is applied in the treatment of defects such as scoliosis. Wearing a back brace at an early stage of the defect may prevent back surgery.

A back brace is a solution ideal for children, as the bones in their back are still immature and there is a lot of flexible cartilage. Patients who wear a back brace can lead a normal lifestyle in a correct position and ensure that their back and muscles have optimum conditions for growth. The brace is tailor-made and it adapts to the patient’s body. At the beginning, it should be worn for a few hours a day – the exact number should be consulted with a physician or a physical therapist. A novelty are more flexible back braces. Thanks to their flexibility, they improve the user experience and can be adapted to the type of scoliosis and patient’s health. The braces are suitable for use in case of degenerative disc disease, sciatica, overuse syndrome or acute lumbago. For this kind of conditions the braces are made of flexible and stretchy tapes. They are more discrete and comfortable to wear.

The best way to prevent postural defects is to care about good posture from the youngest age. This is a problem that should not be ignored. A back brace, which can improve our health and prevent surgery, is a good investment.

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